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Throughout his life, Charlie’s photographic goals have been to capture on film how people respond to their environment and how the natural world develops and takes form. This curiosity led him to pick up a camera in 1939 at the age of 13 and in Charlie’s own words, “never put it down.” Charlie continued to take photos throughout his high school years and while attending Cornell University.

When World War II broke out, Charlie left Cornell to join the 10th Mountain Division where he served on the ski patrol and as a weapons instructor. After the war ended he married his high school sweetheart Ann and returned to Cornell to finish his degree. While at Cornell, his daughter MaryAnne was born. (She can best be seen in “Boardwalkin’ at Bailey’s”).

After raising a family that included three more children and a long career as the owner and operator of Sail Boat Sales, Charlie, and his wife retired to his grandfather’s fishing clubhouse on Sanibel in 1980 where Charlie was able to further his interest in photography. The clubhouse was built in 1908 by Charlie’s grandfather and served as the setting for a number of his photographs.

Although Charlie is no longer with us, his spirit lives on in photographs that preserve treasured memories. Charlie’s photos are his legacy: an investment in history that continue to accrue with time. His family and friends hope you enjoy them!


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